Starting in 2023 we plan to do a race of the month where, similar to our PR league, we turn up and cause a maroon monsoon.

A list of races will be published in good timing, but first it would be great to have your help and input so if you have any race suggestions, please send them our way.

January’s race will be TNT given the number of us already signed up (sorry to those who missed out).

On that note, we plan to have a practice run at this years BAH humbug race on December 11th.

This is a lovely 10k trail race hosted by our South Leeds Laker friends. The Lakers have been an incredible help and support to our club in general but more recently for Morley 10k. So let’s show our support in return and help to make BAH Humbug a sell out.


To volunteer, please contact Mark Bowman at South Leeds Lakers



Hi! I’m Kirsty and I’m your new welfare officer! I’ve been

running with Morley Running Club since June 2020; so not that

long! But in that time, I’ve met some of the most amazing

people, pushed myself to do things I never thought I could do

and also  helped to organaise the first Morley 10K race

event. Here’s a little about me…My running journey started

when I was 39; I was told I would never run due to having a

knee reconstruction on my right knee resulting in 2 screws

holding my knee up, In 2017 I walked the Yorkshire 3 peaks for

charity and my knee held up fineso I embarked on completing

the C25K. This progressed to challenging myself to

complete a half marathon for my 40th birthday, so in December

2018 I completed Lanzarote half marathon!

I always thought because my husband is a runner and we go

running together I didn’t need a club, how wrong was I?! In

June 2020 I plucked up the courage to post on the Facebook

page and I ran with 5 other MRC members Dean Lloyd and

Helen Bedford were my run leaders and they were so warm and

welcoming…and funny!! I haven’t looked back.

In June 2022 I applied to become the new Welfare Officer for

the club because I want to give back a little of what I have received, I want to make the club an all-inclusive club and help support every single member on their own journey; my motto? Never let anyone tell you can’t! YOU CAN!! 💪



Hello I’m Dave and I’m your new Chairperson, I’ve been

running with Morley Running Club since July 2020, and after

doing pretty much all of my running previously on my own to

be part of a club like this has been brilliant.

A bit about me…

I only started running in my 30’s, following the extremely

premature birth of my son I wanted to raise money for the LGI

Neo Natal unit that spent months looking after him ensuring he

was well enough to come home.  Being an ex-smoker and

overweight those 13.1 half marathon miles were long and

painful but from that first half marathon along Blackpool sea

front my love of running was born and since then have

completed loads of races and challenges from 5km to multi-day

ultras and love every aspect of running and racing myself.  I also

take great interest and love to see and hear what others have

got on and the events and challenges that people get up to.

Joining the club came at exactly the right time for me and kept

me motivated and interested, it brought a whole different

aspect to going for a run and wasn’t that lonely plod through

the streets anymore.

After the Chair role became available I spoke to a few members

who encouraged me to put my name forward and so far I am

really glad I did.  I just want to support the club and its members

in keeping this club the friendly and supportive club that it is

and hopefully helping anyone achieve and goals that they have.