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Hi, I’m Dave the Chairperson for the club.  I'm the one who stands in front of you all each week and tries to tell you stuff that's happening.


I first started running with the club back in August 2020 after a good few years of lonely training for long distance triathlons I needed a change and to start running with folk again.

The Chair position came up last year and I thought it would be good to give it a go, the club looked great and I just wanted to get involved a bit more and give a bit back.


I took up running as a way to raise money for the Leeds General Infirmary that took wonderful care of my premature son and I just got the bug for it and have never looked back.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, or just general feedback about the club then please let us know.

Hi.  My name is Simon and I am the club secretary and a run leader. As one of the club’s run leaders, I am required to plan, co-ordinate and lead a run for a set group each week. As club secretary I plan and organise club meetings, liaise with our official bodies and deal with the general club administration including arranging marathon places for the affiliated members. I am also part of the sub committee who plan and organise the Morley 10k race.

I am married to Claire (another run leader) and we have three children, none of whom show the slightest inclination to follow their parents’ interests in running. I had always enjoyed running alone with the company of my own thoughts and music and so very reluctantly first tried running with the club in February 2019. Since then I have rarely missed a run night and consider it one of the highlights of my week. I can honestly say that I have never meet such a great group of people and I am honoured and privileged to have made many strong and long lasting friendships. I remain convinced that this will continue as the club continues to grow and develop.

It’s a great club with some really fantastic members and one I am proud to be a part of!

I’m Emma Ribbons (sometimes called Buttons - after Simon confused buttons and ribbons once on committee minutes) and I’m the club treasurer. I make sure there is money in the club account, pay invoices and check we’ve all paid for kit, hats, buffs and parties! But also, as a committee member, I’m available if any members have anything they’d like to ask or discuss about the club.


I joined MRC in 2018 after wondering for 2 years who all these people were that I saw every Wednesday night at the cricket club. I loved the club from the first night, everyone was so friendly and I found I really enjoyed running with a group. I love having a chat with people while I run and finding out about what they do when they’re not running around Morley on a Wednesday night. I usually run with group 2 (sometimes group 3 if I’m feeling fast), I’d love it if you came to say hi.

Hi, I’m Emma the run co-ordinator for the club.  This means every week I see which of our lovely run leaders are free and organise them into our 5 groups. I then load the runs onto run together and post out that the runs are up and ready for you to book on to. I am at club most Wednesday nights and welcome any newbies and answer any questions.

I am a cardiac specialist nurse as well as a mum of two, wife and have a dog called Apollo. I run because I enjoy it, it keeps me fit and it’s my time away from my busy life. I joined MRC in 2018 and it’s the best thing I did and I have met so many lovely people a lot of who I now call my friends. 





I'm John.  I've recently started helping out the club on the media side of things as a committee support role.

I've been only been running for a couple of years and just about starting to get the hang of it.

I'm not one for long runs or hills, if I can avoid them, but am progressing slowly towards longer and quicker runs.

Away from running I used to do a lot of biking, but the running has over taken the riding for me recently.  I might get the bike out again when the weather gets better.  I like the fact within minutes you can throw some kit on and trainers and get out to clear your head.

Love a beer, love wine more and fear that could be me nemesis from getting a sub 21 min 5k.  

Would love to hear any ideas or suggestions for the web pages or social media that you think might enhance the clubs interaction with members new and old.  



I am RacheaI,

I joined Morley running club in January 2019 after moving to the area. When I turned up to my first club run, there was around 100 runners which was pretty daunting but I was made to feel welcomed immediately. One thing that struck me about the club was how inclusive it was, catering for runners of all abilities and I really liked that. 


After a little while I  wanted to give something back so in 2021 I joined the committee as the membership secretary. My main role is to help members affiliate to England Athletics, but I also lead on MRC park run takeovers, race of the month and the vets league.


You can mostly find me running with group 4 however I have dabbled in group 3 & 5 and very shortly I will be leading group runs. 


I am friendly and approachable and I can be confided in, so if there is anything you need, or want to talk about then feel free to get in touch at any time



Hey 👋🏻 

I’m Kirsty, MRC’s welfare officer. As well as getting involved in organising Club activities with the rest of the committee I am the person you can come to with any concerns you may have regarding safe guarding and know that any issues will be dealt with in an appropriate way. The committee are passionate about the club and making it an inclusive fun environment for all and everyone is welcome.

I have been running with the club since June 2020  (lockdown 👎🏻) and I can honestly say it has been a brilliant experience, I’ve been challenged and motivated beyond what I ever thought possible and really wanted to give something back so I joined the committee last year and helped organise the inaugural Morley 10K! you’ll usually find me in group 3 so please come and say hi! 


Outside of running I love mountain biking, going to the gym or you’ll find me in a pub somewhere near Morley bottoms. 😜

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