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Club Records

The committee has decided that whilst we are primarily a fun, social running club, that it would be nice to keep a track of records run whilst representing our club.  We are looking to do this from the start of 2023 using only races run from then going forward and wont be backdating anything, so no we wont be using the 10km time you did 20 years ago as a youngster.  There will however be one exception the Morley 10km which will have its own category.


Rules are quite simple, to be eligible as a club record, times must be run in a bona fide road race on a measured course, certified by the Association of UK Course Measurers (or equivalent for international races), and going forward you must have Morley Running Club listed as your club within the results page of the respective race or be affiliated to Morley Running Club with England Athletics.


Records will be kept for 5km (inc Parkrun's), 5 miles, 10km, Morley 10km, 10 miles, half marathon, and full marathon in various categories: senior women/men, 40 plus, 50 plus and so on, in 10 year increments plus overall irrespective of age.

We will try and track any races but if you feel you may have taken a top spot please let us know and we will gladly update the records.

Obviously as this is a new thing for the club those who get some races in early in 2023 will stand a good chance of getting their names up in lights.

Overall Women's Club Records

5km/Parkrun - Rochelle Ramsden - 00:17:53 - Cross Flatts PR - 2024
5mile - Rochelle Ramsden - 00:30:50 - Vale of York - 2023
10km - Rochelle Ramsden -00:35:17 - Dewsbury 10k - 2024
Morley 10km - Rochelle Ramsden - 00:39:05 - Morley - 2023
10mile - Rochelle Ramsden - 00:58:18 - Snake Lane - 2024
Half Marathon - Rochelle Ramsden - 01:31:08 - Leeds Festival - 2023
Marathon - Rochelle Ramsden -02:52:30 - Grim Spring Canal Canter - 2024

Women's Age Group Records - Click Here

Overall Men's Club Records

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