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Race Report - Vale Of York 5mile & 10mile by Helen Wilson

RotM VoY 5m-10m.jpg
Helen VoY Race Report #2.jpg

The morning started with a bit of a panic for some of us due to the queue to get into the race. 


A quick dash to the start line passing through the farmyard which was nice, even the cows were trying to tell us we were late.

The race start was put back 5 minutes due to the congestion, a quick visit to the loo which there were plenty of. It was all a bit of a rush so we didn’t manage a full team photo to start.

Then off we went, the heat definitely turned up for us, beautiful scenery and some great support considering we were out in the sticks.

At the end we received our wooden medal and T-shirt with a good choice of chocolate.

We managed some great photos at the end with another great turnout for the club!!

Helen VoY Race Report #1.jpg
Helen VoY Race Report #3.jpg
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