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Parkrun League 2024

This is open to all members of Morley Running Club, but to be eligible you MUST have Morley Running Club as your official club on the parkrun website... not Morley Runners, or any other ones... if you aren't sure which club you are attached to on there, check!! And yes, sadly this means that our friends who are Lakers, Pudsey Pacers, Wakefield Tri etc aren't eligible - but are still very welcome to join in for fun!!

Every month, there will be one local parkrun that is the nominated club parkrun for that month. The next one will be SATURDAY 10th FEBRUARY at BOWLING PARK!!! That means there will be 12 league runs over the year, as in 2023 there will be no minimum number needed to have been run to be in with a chance of winning, however it will still be your best 9 results that will be used. Run 10 best 9 count, run 8 all 8 count.

The points will be awarded using the age graded scores on the parkrun website, so it is not down to just time... so everyone has a chance!!

The PB points will be as 2023 the first run of the series will be at Cross Flatts, we will record your time and ask that you then return to Cross Flatts at some point in December and try and beat that time, if you do you get 25 points.  Anyone volunteering at one of the below events and not running will be awarded 25 points.

Dates in the Diary - 2024

20th January - Cross Flatts - Results

10th February – Bowling Park - Results

16th March - Rothwell

20th April - Armley

18th May - Halifax

8th June - Parkrun Tourism – To Be Voted

6th July - Selby

3rd August – Oakwell Hall (As 2023 if you can’t make the 3rd any weekend in August will be counted)

7th September – Horton Park

19th October – Temple Newsam

16th November - Middleton

14th December - Dewsbury

January 2023 - Cross Flatts - Photo

February 2023 - Bowling Park - Photo

Jan PR CF 2024.jpg
Feb PR BP 2024.jpg

February 2024 - Bowling Park - Results

PR BP Feb 2024.jpeg

2024 - Overall Standings

PR Table 2024.jpeg
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