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Club Representative League 2023

A competition to reward those that represent the club through the year.


This competition will entail receiving one point for attendance at each of a specified list of races throughout 2023, its as simple as that.


The hope is that it will encourage our members to get out and race, and be proud to promote our club, whilst showing off our excellent club colours.


All members who completed a specified race will be awarded points.


The competition for 2023 is based on approx. 28 races.


These will be:

  • 12 Parkrun League events, 

  • 12 Race of The Month events

  • 1 MRC ‘Landmark’ events

  • 1 MRC Relay event – Morley Mungo Way

  • 1 Marathon - Any

  • 1 Ultramarathon - Any (Can be as part of a team, all members awarded a point)


All members who compete in any of the specified races will be awarded 1 point.

As with Parkrun events and Race of The Month races please try and ensure you have Morley Running Club listed as your representative club so that we can easily award you the points.

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