Morley 10km

Road Race

Sunday 9th October 2022

Would you love to participate in the inaugural Morley 10km Road Race but aren't sure you can run the distance? 

Created by Morley Running Clubs very own 'Coaching in Running Fitness' qualified running coach, Liz Ibbetson-Bristow, we are delighted to present the Morley 10km training plans! We have two plans available;

  •  5km to 10km - if you can currently run 5km and want the challenge of building to 10km then this is for you!*

  • Couch to 10km - if you currently don't run much but have a good base level of fitness then this is for you!*


* Please only undertake training if you are able to, if you are unsure, please speak to your GP.

5km to 10km 1.jpg
Couch to 10km 1.jpg