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The Spectator – Susan Redfearn

Having been a runner for many years and a member of Morley Running Club; the idea of a 10K race in my hometown was fantastic.

The corona virus came and my regular running stopped and my passion for it faded away. Therefore being in no position to run a 10K at the moment I felt I could still be part of it all by supporting the club and the runners by spectating and cheering everyone on.

Myself and my husband walked to Morley bottoms and immediately you could feel the support . Everyone was so happy and looking forward to it starting. I have to say I had a lump in my throat when the first runners passed by and a feeling of wanting to be part of it all again.

There was brilliant support as we walked all the way up to the finish. I bumped into people I’ve not seen for years who all said the same; this is what Morley has needed for years!!

It left me thinking I’d like to maybe run this next year, ( not sure about the hills though! )  

Well done everyone involved….and bring on next year!

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