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Race Report - Grim - Swinsty & Fewston - A First Trail Race - Charlotte Rossi

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I’ve never run on trails before, but coming off the high from Morley 10K, I wanted another race. The monthly MRC race was just the incentive I needed so I duly went and bought my first pair of trail shoes and set out to get some mud on them the week before.

Race day was very cold and foggy as I wondered what I’d got myself into, but was quickly welcomed by the MRC team. I got my race number and my leg chip, which was new to me and looked a bit like we’d been released on tag, but I actually didn’t notice it at all while running.

It was a fairly small field of runners, with distances from just over 10K (one lap) to marathoners (four laps). The location is lovely and my trail shoes were comfortable but weren’t strictly necessary. It’s a shame it was foggy for the views across the reservoirs but it was nice to get away from tarmac and traffic and run through tree lined paths.

This isn’t a fast or flat route, there are a few climbs and the last two in the final mile were a challenge, but that didn’t take away from the day at all and I made my target of not getting lapped by anyone running a longer distance. The route was adequately marked and marshalled, especially during the stretches where I couldn’t see another runner. It’s a run I enjoyed, and I’d do again.

I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a go at trail running too, at any pace but particularly anyone who fancies keeping me company towards the back. The medal is enormous, and importantly the post race snacks included hot dogs and apple pie. I just wish I’d brought a coat for that bit!

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